Gmail brings a new design for all users

Gmail brings a new design for all users


Gmail brings a new design for all users: here’s what you can expect

Google has been changing the user interface of many of its popular tools, but at the forefront of these changes seems to be Gmail, which has been rolling out a major visual makeover for users. The new Gmail design, which we wrote about earlier this year, is now rolling out to all users.

Gmail’s new design brings together other communication and productivity tools from Google, such as Meet, Chat, and Spaces, and includes Material Design 3. If you’ve used Gmail recently, you may have already come across a message asking you to try the new design.

First introduced in February 2022 to a small number of users, the design was gradually made available to more users. Now it reaches all Gmail users.

If you haven’t, you can manually switch to the newest redesign by going to Gmail Quick Settings in the top right and tapping the message asking if you want to try the new design. The window will update and change immediately.

Note that users can (at least for now) go back to the old classic Gmail layout if they don’t like the new layout. To do this, you can go back to Gmail’s Quick Settings and click on the message which will now suggest going back to the classic layout.

According to a report from The Edge, Gmail is set to receive even more changes later this year, when the email client will see improvements to tablet orientations, better emoji support, new accessibility features, and other changes.

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