This Android 15 improvement will help you save time when using your mobile


It seems that the final version, as well as the stability of the platform, is about to arrive in the Android 15 beta.
Google has released its third beta version of Android 15 and it is practically close to its final version, since with this update, it seems that stability is achieved on the platform , which means that the APIs are almost finalized and the developers have the version practically definitive . Additionally, in an Android blog post announcing the new beta version, a UI change to the passkey is highlighted.

The Android 15 beta continues to improve and a practical change is added

As we say, Google has made a fairly important change in this aspect and that is that now the use of a password with biometric authentication occurs in one step instead of two. That is, the Google password manager message has been combined with the biometric entry screen , making it much more direct and practical.

There are also new options to access the keyboard and text field drop-down menus if you accidentally tap the passkey prompt. Android expert Mishaal Rahman has discovered that he could identify when a biometric model is not working well to automatically delete it and then request that it be rewritten.

Although it can be done manually, there are people who do not realize that this will improve performance . Since there are many factors that affect the functioning of the biometric model, re-enrollment can often fix the problems of a faulty model.

How to install Android 15 step by step?

As we say, you can have the new Google operating system image , since it gives the opportunity to install it on your device manually. The first thing of all is to download the factory image for the specific device , since each one has its own to then install it, although not all its features are operational at the moment for the Xiaomi, OPPO and HONOR brands.

We remember that this beta version is almost for developers, so errors may occur and the features may not be complete or they may not work correctly. Even so, simply by following 5 simple steps you can have Android 15 on your mobile and the moment you finish them, if you have done them correctly, restart your device so that it starts with the new version.

  1. Download the Android Beta factory image for your device from the official website.
  2. Save the file to your mobile’s internal storage.
  3. Boot your device into recovery mode.
  4. Connect the device via USB to a computer where you have installed the ADB drivers.
  5. On your computer, open the command console and use the ‘adb sideload’ command to install the image package you downloaded.
  6. Reboot the device to boot to Android 15.

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