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YouTube to remove videos with false claims about abortion


The video platform YouTube recently announced that it will remove content linked to “instructions on unsafe methods of abortion” and in which “false claims about the safety of abortion” are spread.

Through the Twitter account @YouTubeInsider, an official YouTube account for press information, the platform announced on July 21 that the measure will be implemented “starting today and progressively over the next few weeks.”

YouTube, acquired by Google for more than 1.6 billion dollars in 2006, announced that they will decide which videos to remove based on “guidance published by health authorities.”

“We prioritize connecting people with content from authoritative sources on health topics, and we continually review our policies and products as real-world events unfold,” he added.

A purge against the pro-lifers?
For Sara Larín, founder and president of the VIDA SV platform in El Salvador, YouTube’s decision “is a death foretold for all content that tries to warn about the physical and psychological risks of abortion.”

“It will be a total purge of the pro-life position and a thorough job of making the unborn person invisible,” he warned.

“What criteria will YouTube use for this content cleanup? The one with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Planned Parenthood?” she questioned.

Larín indicated that “this YouTube decision has to do with the ruling that reversed Roe vs. Wade”, the ruling that for almost half a century upheld the supposed “right” to abortion in the United States, and which was annulled on June 24 of this year by the Supreme Court.

“Abortion is no longer considered a constitutional right in the United States, which has caused a series of state restrictions and abortionists are implementing their sales strategies,” he said.

Among these strategies of the promoters of legal abortion, he added, “are censoring all information that prevents a young woman from having an abortion, as well as consolidating the monopoly of the business of pseudo clinics authorized to abort.”

“Abortion cannot be a safe procedure”
For his part, Marcial Padilla, director of ConParticipación in Mexico, highlighted the opportunities in this decision, since it is “very interesting” that a platform like YouTube, a liberal media, a progressive media, has to recognize that it cannot spread information about the abortion presenting it as if it were safe”.

“YouTube is thus demonstrating that abortion cannot be a safe procedure, first of all because it takes the life of a child before it is born and, also, because it puts the life of the mother at risk.”

Padilla said that “hopefully, just as YouTube has been forced to recognize by medical science the dangers of committing an abortion, other companies will also do the same.”

The Director of ConParticipation encouraged digital platforms to stop “spreading falsehoods and lies about abortion, presenting it as if it were a medical procedure when in reality it is taking the life of the child, and also exposing the life of the person who commits it to the mother. ”.

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