Xiaomi launches a Mi Band covered in gold and diamonds

He goes no further, Xiaomi launches a Mi Band covered in gold and diamonds


They launch dozens of combinations with noble materials and precious stones.

Smart bracelets are the wearables most appreciated by users, who see them as a simple and healthy way to monitor our daily activity. The Xiaomi Bands are undoubtedly the most popular among those with a more affordable price, but that has just changed with the new model that the Chinese firm has launched in its country of origin. And it is that Xiaomi has dared nothing less than to launch a new edition of the Xiaomi Smart Band , with a finish that can hardly be surpassed by another, since it is gold and diamonds.

A very special Xiaomi Smart Band

The bracelet is clearly designed for a very specific audience, which can afford to spend much more money on a device just because of the construction materials, and not especially because it has better specifications. This bracelet has been developed by Xiaomi together with one of the large Chinese mining companies and the Chinese Academy of Arts , making it a transversal collaboration that has brought together three very disparate sectors. These are several new versions that have reached Youpin, Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform.

And as you can imagine, it is a bracelet that is far from those 50 euros on average that it costs, if we take into account the model that we are using. Because the version that has its body covered in gold has a price of more than 400 euros , and that on the platform it can be purchased in advance for a lower price of about 360 euros. For these finishes, you can choose between different generations of this bracelet, such as the Mi Band 4, 5, 6 or the most recent, the Mi Band 7. Otherwise, the technical characteristics of these are exactly the same as the models that are They usually sell in stores.

Undoubtedly the combinations without motley, with versions in which only the clasp has gold and diamonds, and others where the entire body of the bracelet is covered with precious metals. And it is that the gold one is especially striking, surely also for the friends of the alien. Something that does not happen, for example, with the one that only boasts a diamond and gold closure. To give you an idea, there are up to 26 options that Xiaomi gives on Youpin when it comes to getting hold of these special bracelets, and in all cases with a fairly high price.

Because in addition to the models covered in gold on their body, there are also others that have diamonds interspersed in between, to make these bracelets even more extravagant. Of course, it gives the feeling that the bracelet box is somewhat different from the original ones, since as you can see in the images they have some straighter sides than others, when the bracelet box is usually completely curved. In short, Xiaomi has looked in the mirror of Apple and its Apple Watch to create very exclusive editions.

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