What to expect from Microsoft’s fall Surface event next week


When Microsoft’s fall event takes place on Wednesday, October 12, it will likely demonstrate how serious the company is about supporting Windows on ARM. With Apple switching completely to ARM-based silicon in its Mac, Microsoft has yet to figure out the future of Windows on ARM-based PCs. We may hear more about Microsoft’s vision for Windows on ARM at the company’s fall product launch next week. Meanwhile, when it comes to new hardware, Microsoft is preparing to launch several new Surface-branded computers, including a long-delayed update to the Surface Studio next week. The event will kick off at 7:30pm IST and will be streamed live on Microsoft’s website and social media channels.

Surface Pro 9

The star of Wednesday’s event will be the Surface Pro. This year, Microsoft is expected to launch the next-generation Surface Pro 9. The new model is rumored to look identical to last year’s Surface Pro 8 and even pack a 120-inch screen. Hz and Thunderbolt ports. Of course, the internals will be upgraded with a choice of 12th Gen Intel Core i5 or Core i7 U-series chips and options up to 32GB of RAM. The Surface Pro is the gold standard in 2-in-1 computers, and the upcoming Surface Pro 9 will play off the same formula that’s already successful.

The demise of the Surface Pro X

Interestingly, it is said that the arrival of the new Surface Pro 9 could kill off the Surface Pro X line. windows center reports that the Surface Pro 9 will be available in both Intel and ARM options, making the Surface Pro X line a bit redundant. The ARM variant would be powered by Microsoft SQ3, a custom Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 processor, and will likely be the first Surface PC to ship with 5G connectivity. If Microsoft releases an ARM-based variant of the Surface Pro 9, prices could start as low as $899.

Surface Laptop 5

The Surface Laptop 5 could also debut at Microsoft’s event, a sequel to the Surface Laptop 4 debuting in spring 2021. Don’t expect any drastic changes from the last-gen model, except that the 13-inch and 15-inch variants would ship with processors. 12th Gen Core i5 and i7. There will be no variant of Surface Laptop 5 powered by AMD Ryzen. The Surface Laptop has always been positioned as a premium Windows laptop, and its price reflects that. But in that segment, Apple remains the biggest player with the MacBook Air. A drop in price for the Surface Laptop 5 could help Microsoft compete head-to-head with the MacBook Air.

Surface Studio 3

One of the most anticipated products to look forward to at Microsoft’s fall event is the Surface Studio 3. The latest version of the Surface Studio was released in 2018, so it needs to be updated. The second-generation Surface Studio was criticized for its high price and outdated CPU and GPU. Microsoft wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistake with the Surface Studio 3. According to rumors, the new all-in-one PC will supposedly use the familiar chassis of the first two studios, including its characteristic tilting, stylus-friendly 28-inch. inch display Under the hood, however, we will see upgraded CPUs and GPUs.

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