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Trends in digital transformation for 2020


This advance in digital transformation implies a change in the mentality of both managers and employees of organizations.

In 2020 the digital transformation trends are going to depart from the usual, from what we consider traditional. These trends will have to face resistance to change by some organizations.

The digital transformation will be driven by new trends where they will use the full potential of digitization. These trends are:


 Now that many companies have brought their applications and systems to the cloud, they consider it essential to automate them. The reasons, according to the Spanish company, must be found in that it will allow them to expand the potential of the cloud in flexibility and agility, in addition to eliminating routine tasks for technology departments. 

Everything as a service (XaaS):

Another of the digital transformation trends for 2020 is that more and more companies are bringing all their applications and systems to the cloud to reduce costs, improve infrastructure, and achieving the desired scalability.

Following in the footsteps of companies like Uber or Netflix, we will see how more and more businesses will begin to offer pay-per-use and subscription services for their traditional products. In fact, by 2026, vehicle underwriting programs are expected to reach 10% of the sector’s revenue.

Data Analytics: 

The usage data that users generate is increasing and the traditional strategies for its collection and analysis are no longer enough, so data analytics is becoming a fundamental tool.


The jewel of telecommunications infrastructure providers. As the use of 4G is being massive in the most developed countries, the effects of saturation are being important and negatively impact the results of many businesses. 5G is here to solve this problem and, as expected, the expectations are enormous. 

The penetration of this type of technology in a new generation of the smartphone may not be as fast as expected. But it will be fast in sectors such as industrials, health and smart cities that will give connectivity to the Internet of Things technologies and that will be the key to disruption in these areas.


A new Wifi 6 standard is expected that will improve the connection capacity in companies – and homes – around the world. This would respond to the estimated increase, which can reach up to 50%, of the volume of connected devices in organizations. This new network will provide better management of those connections, providing efficiency, speed, and bandwidth. The expected arrival will be throughout this year and will be a perfect complement to the development of 5G.

Artificial intelligence:

Developing more artificial intelligence interfaces will improve the customer experience, such as digital voice assistants to interact.

The developers recommend that these new channels be integrated into the company’s strategy and with the rest of the contact points.

All these computer improvements are being adopted by companies, to develop large-scale projects throughout the organization, which bring advantages by optimizing the processes and performance of the systems.


Most companies have chosen different types of the cloud for their systems and applications, depending on their needs and strategies. A hybrid IT model has been imposed that needs to be managed with simplicity. 2020 will be a key year in the integration of different environments so that companies can move workloads to the scenario that best suits them at all times to get real value from their cloud investments. 

Edge Computing and IoT solutions:

In the coming years, alliances will be the path to success in obtaining value from edge computing and IoT solutions. By using integrated, multi-vendor solutions, companies will be more successful than niche products from a single vendor. In the end, we don’t need a single silver bullet, but an ecosystem of integrated solutions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solutions:

Robotic process automation is one of the most visible faces of AI. The way that is gaining more strength is to complement certain tasks of the workforce in companies.


During 2019 many blockchain-related initiatives have not come to fruition. The best success stories of blockchain technology are found in the food industry, in the field of intellectual property and real estate. It is expected to expand in 2020 towards finance or public administrations.

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