What are virtual batteries?


They help us save all the energy that we can generate thanks to solar panels.
Although by the name virtual battery we can think of something related to mobile devices such as Smartphones, laptops or tablets, in reality we are talking about a storage system for the energy that we generate for self-consumption, such as solar energy.

First of all, before delving into how this type of virtual self-consumption batteries works, we must know how solar or photovoltaic energy works.

When we use solar panels to supply electricity to our house, the energy goes directly to the electrical network of the distribution company that we have contracted to provide us with electricity. If we produce more energy than we use, the company will have to pay us that excess, although for a much lower price than we would pay.

One way to control these excess energy that we can generate is through batteries. There are already fixed batteries that are responsible for accumulating all this excess energy and distributing it when necessary. Although its installation has a fairly high cost. For this reason and as an alternative to this type of fixed batteries, virtual batteries have emerged.

What is it and how do virtual batteries work?

These virtual batteries do not have a physical form, in reality it is an agreement that has been reached with the energy distribution company. In the same way as the fixed ones, these serve to store and manage the energy obtained through solar panels for self-consumption.

With this system, the electricity produced by the photovoltaic installations of an individual is not directed directly to the devices of the house or business where they are installed, but is accumulated with the rest of the energy of the electrical network of a distribution company.

The user consumes it and when he produces more than he uses, he can use the surplus as he wishes, sell it to the marketer at the regulated market price and use that amount to save on his bills, use it in a second home or place of work subtracting its cost of the final amount.

With which these virtual batteries can become very advantageous to save money on our electricity bill.

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