Video Marketing Trends for 2022

Video Marketing Trends for 2024


When we talk about the trends in digital marketing for 2022, we already anticipate the importance of content in video format. 86% of the companies that carry out advertising campaigns use video in their strategies, and 80% of the global traffic this year comes from uploading and viewing audiovisual content. Therefore, knowing the trends in video marketing for 2022 is critical if we do not want to be left out of the game.

Short Videos

The rise of platforms such as TikTok or Instagram Reels has aroused the curiosity of Internet users for short and easy-to-consume videos.

This type of content represented the second-best ROI for B2C marketing in 2021 and is the area in which agencies plan to invest the most by 2022.

Live Videos

Live Streaming is a definite trend in 2022. The increased speed of connections (fiber and WiFi) and the better quality of transmissions have made it possible to deploy LIVE functions on various platforms. On the other hand, in 2020, the pandemic caused the temporary cessation of face-to-face events and activities, and live broadcasts became a common way of maintaining contact.

Although 2022 is already back to normal, statistics show that live video is a great way to engage with your audience in real-time.

According to a study , users on Facebook watch live videos three times more than pre-recorded videos. This type of content generates up to six times more interactions.

For brands, it also generates multiple advantages:

  • More significant interaction with the audience.
  • Bring a human component to digital marketing.
  • Once the video is broadcast, it can remain on the platform and continue to accumulate views.
  • It is beneficial for answering user questions, presenting new products, or making demonstrations.

Videos Primarily Focused on Sales (Shoppable Videos)

Marketers have long been investigating how to convert video into a format focused on selling products. Now it is possible thanks to the interactive features of Living Video technology (for example, a pop-up button that takes the user to a landing page where they can complete the purchase process). The most significant advantage of Shoppable videos is that they offer a seamless user experience. They can attract the attention of consumers and directly drive conversion.

An example of a Shoppable video is the one used by the Benetton brand in one of its parades during the pandemic to take the public directly to the product’s sales page.

Videos With Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

In recent years these technologies have had a substantial impact on digital marketing. Users demand more and more interactive content, and traditional video is already beginning to fall short.

Augmented reality incorporates virtual elements into the physical world, while virtual reality creates an immersive environment. These technologies add a layer of interactivity that provides an engaging experience for viewers. 86% of users who are presented with an interactive video decide to participate in it.

Videos Created With Smartphones

Today’s smartphones have high-quality cameras, very similar to professional cameras. The production of audiovisual content using a smartphone is increasingly the order of the day. The influencer phenomenon has contributed significantly to popularizing these videos on platforms such as TikTok or Instagram, often in collaboration with big brands.

Ephemeral Content

This video marketing trend started with Snapchat Snaps and then spread to other channels like Instagram Stories, which are only accessible for 24 hours.

Short videos create a sense of urgency in viewers who want to see this content before it disappears.

Videos Without Sound

Another video marketing trend for 2022 is videos without sound. It seems somewhat strange since if audiovisual content is characterized by something, it is by image and sound. But things are changing, and today, 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound (this percentage is 79% in the case of LinkedIn). In addition, according to Facebook, videos with subtitles increase their reproduction by 12% more.

Personalized Videos

Personalization is nothing new in the marketing world, but until now, it has hardly been explored in video format. With this trend, marketing gurus expect personalized video messages tailored to their audience’s interests.

The possibilities for personalizing videos are almost endless: they can be used to welcome a new customer, share an exclusive offer, or answer user questions without overwhelming customer service.

The Rise of Video Blogs

Video blogs have become one of the favorite channels for brands to share their content with the public and tell stories.

More and more users want to consume video content, and there are video blogs on almost any subject: sports, pets, travel, and much more.

You are already aware of the most important video marketing trends in 2022! Now you can take advantage of its potential to grow your business.

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