What are the salary prospects of a DevOps Engineer?


What are the salary prospects of a DevOps Engineer?

Don’t allow the quest to last forever if you’re on the lookout for a DevOps position. Nowadays, businesses compete for services with the right set of skills. Even IT pros have just begun a change from a more conventional profession to a DevOps-oriented job for the success of the sector. Let’s discuss salary statistics of DevOps that often continue to fluctuate due to business and technology reasons.

DevOps- What is it?

DevOps integrates software development and IT activities, which enable businesses to deliver applications more quickly. As a DevOps developer, you can quickly interpret the software development process and different automation methods for creating digital pipelines (such as CI and CD-pipelines). DevOps is a procedure that combines software development, quality assurance, deployment, and integration activities into a consolidated and on-going set of processes.

Career scope for DevOps engineers

The DevOps area focuses on enhancing coordination between software engineering and operational teams, teamwork, and agility. The DevOps engineer’s role is difficult to understand because it has not yet stopped evolving due to a dynamic workforce but opting for the DevOps engineer course from industry-recognized training providers and gain DevOps certification to enjoy its benefits.

With Agile and other on-going delivery strategies, DevOps is a mere addition for Agile. DevOps allows companies to disclose minor features quickly and rapidly integrate feedback from stakeholders. It is good to note that DevOps is not just a series of measures; instead, it is more a philosophy that provides cross-functional team communications and collaboration.

Throughout the 2018-2028 period, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that DevOps engineers had 21% employment growth. Relative to all jobs, this development is much faster than average. According to, the 2020 annual average pay for DevOps engineers is $94,214.

Take a look at the Indian salary stats:

Based on factors:

  • The bigger the brand or the company, the higher is the compensation a person can expect.
  • The higher you have the experience, the greater will be your pay package. Therefore, you have to balance your expectations if you are a novice and recently joined the industry.
    • Entry-level DevOps – ₹366,337
    • Mid-level DevOps – ₹1,142,206
    • Experienced DevOps – ₹1,632,155
  • Although the effect of Covid-19 on salaries in the future may diminish, the location currently plays a crucial role in deciding DevOps’ salaries in India. The Silicon Valley of India, Haryana, Gurgaon offers high salaries, and DevOps engineers in the city earn a national average of around 20% more than their peers. Chennai, and the rest of the Silicon Valley city in Tamil Nadu offers 9 percent lower salaries than the national average.
  • You must have an impressive range of skills to obtain the best-paid DevOps jobs in the highly competitive market. You even get a better paycheque with some qualifications. Just have a glance below for decent and worthy salaries for different DevOps skills.
    • Development Operations (DevOps) – ₹694,145
    • Python- ₹723,891
    • Linux – ₹671,250
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – ₹683,831
    • Jenkins – ₹692,795
  • Glassdoor: Glassdoor reports that a DevOps engineer’s average pay begins at INR 5.65 lacs a year, with an average of 2 years’ experience. Also, within ten years, most DevOps professionals move to other related roles. DevOps engineer’s job is quite an in-demand role when individuals strive to become more agile and continue to implement delivery approaches over long development cycles.
  • Indeed: The Development Operations Engineer’s average annual salary in India is Rs. 7,83,803. The estimates on salaries are based on 882 anonymously submitted salaries to Indeed by DevOps engineers, employees, and users.
  • Payscale: There is intense competition for DevOps, but businesses require the best expertise of employees. With an average of 2 years’ experience, PayScale suggests that the average DevOps salary in India is around INR 6.6 lacs per annum, covering bonuses and profit-sharing. PayScale also states that the payout is often a result of a DevOps Engineer’s expertise.

This is how US salary stats are:

Based on factors:

  • Glassdoor: The job of DevOps engineer ranks 2nd in Glassdoor’s top 50 positions in the United States. For DevOps Engineering professionals, the average salary is $133,378 in the US. These estimates rely on the underlying data. Here, the current average salary for DevOps Engineer depends on compensation reports collected with that title by 990 Glassdoor users.
  • Indeed: The role of a DevOps engineer has seen a jump of 225%. The average salary for US people with the DevOps Engineer title is $122,969. The salary estimates by DevOps Engineer employees, users, and details are based on 76,204 anonymously submitted salaries to Indeed site.
  • Based on Location: The total base pay we found in the northeast is anywhere between $120,000 and $160,000 or more. Location is a reward element. But at the moment, a DevOps job seems to be a lucrative one, regardless of location.
  • At present, the total base salary for a DevOps engineer is $115,666, and salaries range from a low end of $91,000 to a high end of $155,000. Know the compensation calculator that can help you observe your current or future salary competition using your title, region, and experience level. When you stick with it and jump to a senior DevOps engineer position, the average annual income ranges from $132,359 to $179,000.

Bonus Tips for job hunters

DevOps is an increasingly growing field of employment, as skills for multiple technologies and programs are progressively evolving. So, focus on the right skills to get a high salary range in the job. Don’t be just technical. As a DevOps Engineer, you need to handle multiple tasks and face challenges of multiple roles to justify your designation.

With training, professionals get good teamwork, coordination ability as well as critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities to keep tasks running efficiently to excel in DevOps environments. You can expand your open source knowledge, Linux, in particular, to position yourself as best in the job market. You can introduce yourself to other skills of cloud, software deployment, and containerization, and other technologies.

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