Microsoft wants to revolutionize Bing using AI


Decades ago in time, when we wanted to seek knowledge , we did not resort to the mobile phone or the computer and type the question that we needed to solve. There was something called an encyclopedia , which right now is an exhibition object, since technology and search engines have shown that any information can and should be consulted quickly .

Currently, we can find the best free courses to learn Artificial Intelligence or the best websites to draw with AI . If you add automatic learning to the innovation that search engines were, we may be facing its next evolution and Microsoft is quite clear about this. Bing joins ChatGPT and Google sees its throne threatened.

Microsoft vs Google: the battle of the search engines is served

The information has been advanced by the digital media The Information and it ensures that Microsoft would be in a position to launch a new version of its search engine, the reviled Bing , with the integration of the artificial intelligence of ChatGPT in order to better respond to the questions that your users ask you. Google has already warned its employees to keep a close eye on these machine learning systems, as they seem to be the future of the industry.

This enhanced version of Bing , as you can see in the tweet that we show you on these lines, would not be the first time that it has come to light, since there are already similar tools, such as Perplexity AI , a search engine with integrated artificial intelligence and that uses the OpenAI API in a demonstration that this type of search is already possible. The relationship between Microsoft and ChatGPT already goes back a long way , since already in 2019 , the company founded by Bill Gates was one of those that opted for OpenAI technology with investments in the company.

In fact, it seems that some details of the agreement have come to light and show how a clause was included to incorporate some features of ChatGPT to the Bing search engine. This is further confirmed by the fact that Microsoft has already announced plans to integrate DALL.E 2 into the Bing Image Creator . Microsoft’s search tool needed to be boosted to stand up to Google and it seems that the appearance of machine learning models such as ChatGPT may be the necessary boost to make searches on its platform faster, more complete and more proactive.

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