You can now create your own Avatar on WhatsApp


Meta is finally bringing one of the most anticipated features to the messaging app. We are talking about avatars, those casual recreations of each one of us that can become our profile image for different applications, in this case WhatsApp . We have seen over the last few weeks how this function was sneaking into the different betas of the app, and now it is finally reaching all its users, since it is not a hidden function, but rather it is the view of all these users, provided they meet certain requirements.

Avatars are coming to early adopters

Yes, WhatsApp is releasing this feature for all those users who have the beta version of the application. Of course, for this it is necessary to have version installed to be able to see this functionality. Specifically, it is found in the settings, as a second option, just below the account settings. So this is the way to check if we have the new functionality within the Meta messaging app. But at the moment, although it is reaching all beta users, not all of us have it, since it is essential to have that specific version.

If you have it, you will be able to verify that it is already possible to create your own Avatar, and thus show off to all your friends who do not yet have this functionality in the application. In the images that WaBetaInfo has shared, we can see that all the avatars are based on Mark Zuckerberg, although logically this is only an example, and the objective of this functionality is to be able to create our own avatar based on your physical features . Indeed, these will be created from a selfie, and thanks to AI, a virtualized model of ourselves will be created, which we can use in many places in the application.

Now when we enter the WhatsApp keyboard we will see a new icon when we press the emoji in turn , to attach one of them. Next to the emoji, GIFs or stickers, we will now see an icon that takes us directly to the avatars. These are still avatars similar to those created with apps like Bitmoji, and similar to mimojis, ARmojis and many other variants of emojis created with artificial intelligence. The most logical thing is that these avatars created within WhatsApp can be used both as a profile picture within the app and in the chats themselves, attaching it as an emoji or another sticker.

So there is less time left for the app’s chats to begin to be flooded with these avatars, because rest assured that when this function reaches everyone, there will not be a few of us who send messages for no apparent reason with the sole excuse that they see our appearance in these funny avatars for some, and yes, a bit repulsive for others, since it is content that, let’s say, generates both love and hate wherever they go.

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