Has your Airtag run out of batteries

Has your Airtag run out of batteries? So you can change them


One of the advantages of Airtags over other tracking devices is that you can replace the battery and still use the device. Next, we tell you how to check the status of the battery and how to replace it if necessary.

Check and change the Airtag battery

Using a bluetooth tracker has many advantages, especially if we are somewhat clueless and tend to forget where you have left your devices, backpacks, bags or any object you want to have located at any time. The useful life of the batteries of the Cupertino tracking devices can last up to a year. So after this time it is advisable to renew them.

Next, we will tell you how to check the remaining energy and the time of use, so that it does not catch us by surprise and run out of battery at the least expected moment and the one that we most need for this operation. As a general rule, it is our iPhone that notifies us when the battery levels are about to run out.

1.We will receive a notification which tells us that we must replace the battery.
2.In addition, in the Find my application itself we can periodically check the amount of charge it has.
3.To do this, open the “Find my” App and tap on the items tab.
4.Within this section, all the devices registered in our account must appear, including the Airtag .
5.Tap on it to access device information and know the battery status.
6.Under the name of the device in question, the battery icon appears and depending on the amount of charge it has, it will be shown in green if it still has enough energy and in red if it is running low and it is time to replace it.

At this point, we can replace the battery ourselves, we just need a new spare and some skill. It is a 3V CR2032 lithium button battery, which we can buy at any store or order online. To replace it we must follow these steps:

1.We will start by pressing and turning the back cover of our Airtag , we will easily recognize it since it is made of stainless steel.
2.At the same time that we keep it pressed, we turn it counterclockwise, until it reaches the stop and we cannot continue turning it.
3.At this time, we remove the old battery and proceed to place the new one. Taking it by the edge being very careful not to touch the flat areas of the battery. In this way we avoid dirt and grease that can hinder its proper functioning.
4.We place it with the positive pole up, this is marked with the plus sign. So, if we have placed it correctly we will hear a sound of bells. Which indicates that it is correctly connected.
5.So we can proceed to the closure by placing the stainless steel cover again, aligning the three tabs with the indentations of our Airtag.
Finally, we press again and turn the lid this time clockwise so that it is again well closed and ready for use.

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