WhatsApp is preparing to implement one of the functions most requested by users


Meta may have its head busy with the metaverse , but one thing cannot be denied, WhatsApp has not been left behind . The company has updated WhatsApp a lot in 2022, implementing new features and improving the overall user experience . Now, already in 2023, the first great novelty that will arrive in the messaging app appears, and I personally have been waiting for it for a long time.

As reported by WABetaInfo , WhatsApp will soon implement the ability to pin messages to the top of chats. At the moment it is a functionality that is in early stages of development , so there are no images of how it works yet. What is clear is that WhatsApp is working on it, and it is certainly a fantastic tool for many of us who use WhatsApp on a daily basis, whether for work or leisure.

With this new tool you will be able to anchor a message at the top of the chats , which you will be able to access much more easily. When I read that this was in development I remembered a group I have with some friends where we manage subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix or HBO Max. Whenever I have to log in to a new device I have to go to the message search engine of that group to try to find the username and password , and when I changed my mobile and the conversations were deleted I had to ask around. Careless on my part for not having saved it in Notes, yes, but now neither I nor anyone else will have to worry about something similar happening to us again.

WhatsApp learns from Telegram, again

What I am curious about is if WhatsApp will allow you to pin more than one message to conversations . In the image shared by WABetaInfo, “messages” are spoken of in the plural, so a priori we should have the possibility of anchoring more than one per chat . This functionality has been implemented in Telegram for years, and is most useful for quickly locating information. The best Telegram channels always have a message carousel anchored at the top, where interesting links, channel rules…etc are shared .

WhatsApp vs Telegram has always been a fight in which Telegram has the upper hand in terms of functionality, but WhatsApp beats it in user volume. It seems that Meta is going to try to do the double.

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