WhatsApp announces new functions to prevent account theft


The three new features promise to increase the protection of WhatsApp accounts and prevent scams and fraud

Meta , owner of Facebook and Instagram, will implement three new features to increase the protection of WhatsApp accounts and avoid scams and fraud, according to the Tilt portal, this Thursday, 13.

Called “account protection”, the main novelty will allow users to place additional confirmations before transferring access to the messaging application from one cell phone to another. The expectation of Mark Zuckerberg’s company is that the new function will act as an alert for users to know if they form targets of an attempt to transfer an account to another cell phone.

Another change, which will be automatic for the user, will be “Device Verification”. It will prevent users from being hit by malicious programs that exploit WhatsApp vulnerabilities. The resource will take internal authenticators that will test and validate the connection. According to Meta, people use alternative versions of WhatsApp and are exposed to different types of software that harm and damage cell phones.

The third feature announced will be automatic security codes. The app will speed up the verification of the transparency of the unique encryption code, which indicates that the conversation with another user is protected. The code will be available within a contact’s information in the “Encryption” tab and each user will be able to take the test.

How will the new WhatsApp feature work?

To change access from the WhatsApp account to a new device, the user will inform the time of request and the model of the new cell phone on the old device. The procedure is similar in exchanges of cellular chips and avoids the “portability scam”.

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