Motorola launches an interesting tablet as an alternative to the iPad

Motorola launches an interesting tablet as an alternative to the iPad


Just yesterday we told you that Apple was close to launching a new generation of its cheapest iPad, and we actually have it just around the corner. While its competition is not standing still, and is launching new models that can perfectly overshadow it with a performance and price ratio that certainly make them very attractive tablets. This is the new Motorola Moto Tab G62 , which undoubtedly offers us a nice design and good features inside. We are going to review everything that it will offer us at a very interesting price.

Data sheet of the Motorola Moto Tab G62

Well, this is a standard size tablet, with a 10.6-inch screen , with a Full HD+ resolution of 2000×1200 pixels , and a traditional refresh rate of 60Hz. Therefore, in this aspect it offers good performance, although we miss a higher refresh rate, but it certainly has a good resolution. It is a fairly powerful tablet, since it has a Snapdragon 680 processor , which is the same as what we could expect in a mid-range mobile, so we are going to be left with the tasks that we normally do with one of these tablets.

The RAM memory it has is 4GB, also more than enough for what mid-range tablets usually offer us. And we also have 64GB of internal storage, perhaps a little low for what is usual, but in any case enough for all of us. In the multimedia aspect we have two cameras, both 8 megapixels both in front and in the back. The battery comes with a quite remarkable capacity of 7700mAh , which for this screen size is more than enough to last a whole day on or even two.

In addition, it has a 20W fast charge , so it charges relatively quickly, in just over an hour. Connectivity boasts dual-band Wi-Fi, faster, in addition to having Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, a minijack connector for headphones or a type C. In short, a tablet that is very complete in this aspect, as in the rest. Another interesting aspect is that it has Android 12L as its operating system, the version of Google’s system specifically for tablets, so it will take full advantage of its large screen size. Finally, we can also highlight that it has no less than four stereo speakers.

Motorola Moto Tab G62 Price

Well, in addition to a high technical sheet, this tablet boasts a price that also seems quite tight for everything it offers, which is about 350 euros to change . Which makes it a tablet that moves in the same range as the most basic iPad. We do not know if it will arrive in Spain, because at the moment it is only available in Brazil, but it should not be ruled out.

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