What does content distribution mean and what are the channels to do it?


Let’s begin by defining that the most significant thing in a computerized strategy is the content, however, its distribution depends on some key factors that permit us to differentiate the use of one channel and another and understand which one is more useful to make our message known. branded. 

When we talk about content distribution, we talk about the medium that we will use so the content reaches our users effectively. 

Technology opened the entryway to a limitlessness of channels 

Technology has not just opened the ways to dozens of new channels yet in addition to the immediacy with which advanced content is consumed and the multiple stages that we have available to us so our message reaches its destination. It is because the role played by the different communication channels is essential to have a wide range of possibilities and moments of contact with our users. 

On the off chance that the content is acceptable and is well distributed, it will surely be a successful content in reach and proclivity. 

What is content distribution? 

On the off chance that I converse with you about Achilles, the renowned demi-god from Greek folklore who defeated Hector and took the walled Troy, surely you will consider Brad Pitt, I understand you; Brad was really acceptable in that movie. However, imagine a scenario in which I disclosed to you that Achilles and distribution have something in like manner; would you believe me. 

The first definition, an enduring outdated lesson: distribution is the weak purpose of your business. 

From the perspective of the channels, I will tell you the second definition, additionally conceived before the internet: Distribution is one of the stages of the creation cycle, this cycle can be stated in three phases in its most elemental structure, Design – Production – Distribution . Give to see that the stage has a characteristic connection with marketing. 

The third is: the phase connects your item with the customer. It does not matter if your item is the best on the planet, on the off chance that it isn’t on the supermarket shelf or on the website, it basically does not exist. 

The fourth, contemporary, and conceived in content marketing: it is the specialty of getting your content to your person through the correct channel at the perfect time. 

Content distribution channels 

Presently, with the internet, there are many content distribution channels. In any case, on the off chance that you believe this solved the distribution problem, I am sorry to tell you this is a fantasy, the internet is wonderful, however, it does not do enchantment, despite what might be expected, it aggravates the distribution problem. 

Websites and blogs 

They permit you to provide differential content from their designs and arrangements, permitting you to have many design alternatives to distribute your content, whether informative or entertainment, in a striking and esthetic way that captures the attention of your followers. 

These channels permit content to be distributed in an efficient, organized, and complete manner. Note that some studies have discovered that on average people spend 3 hours expending content through their cell phones, hence the importance of having sites and blogs with responsive design. Furthermore, we check our cell phones approximately 150 times a day, expanding the moments of contact to 150 opportunities to make your message known in a manner that is attractive to people. 

In detail: 


The website is perhaps the most popular of the configurations, it is just about an adage, a sine qua non-rule, that an organization has a page on the Internet. In other words, whether you move it or not, work it or not work it, the organization will have a website, for the simple reality that it works. 


The blog is already more personalized, let’s say it makes no sense to have one in the event that you won’t update it. When the chance of the blog came up, everyone became one, it was like the dream of having a sophisticated personal journal. Over time, just those with the propensity for composing and computerized business kept it. 

Social networks 

The world was never the same again after social networks, it is the best metaphor of the current moment, huge networks, none of them produce content, yet their business content. It is like Uber, its business is a personalized vehicle yet it does not have a fleet of vehicles. Social networks suddenly left us brimming with friends, with some “for all intents and purposes” massive Face events, we began to understand photography on Instagram and learned to synthesize our ingenuity on Twitter. Additionally, social networks gave a new dimension to the concept of loneliness. 

Social networks and their different configurations are other means that permit the content to be distributed efficiently and for this, you should understand the intention and personality that each network provides and which ones are appropriate to guarantee the delivery of the last message in a distribution strategy. of contents. 

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, just to mention a few, are the most used social networks to create a distribution. 


It is a network that is used to know and exchange data in an effective manner. It’s quick, entertaining, dynamic, versatile, and worldwide. An examination showed that around 1,490 people on the planet use this network as a means of communication, to generate and consume content of numerous sorts. 


It is characterized by its immediacy and for being a network that lives in the present 24 hours per day, 7 days every week, that is, it is informative and immediate, and permits data to be known sometime before the customary media are able to communicate it. It is likewise a network that challenges its users to tell news and stories in only a little over 200 characters. 


It is a channel for the distribution of varying media content. The utilization arranges that are seen on this network can be extended in time, since its ability offers the power to tell stories in 5 seconds or 5 hours, everything depends on the intention of the message and the user’s need. It ought to be noted that it is an exceptionally effective model due to its diversity of content and because everything varying media has the power to capture the attention of users significantly more than other channels. 


It is a channel that has a defined esthetic. The nature of visual content is its DNA and its different photograph filters have been expanded in a striking and effective manner for those who use this network as a channel for content distribution. You can likewise watch videos shorter than a minute, utilizing an arrangement called Instagram Stories, which permits you to tell stories in a different manner. This grabbed the eye of normal people, yet additionally of brands, who use this instrument to create different and trendy content. 


That elegant man who was once a lonely ruler on the internet and who we thought would be the end of the postmen. A letter took between 5 and 7 days to arrive, notwithstanding all that involved heading off to the mail. While an email was answered at the incredible speed of 48 hours greatest. 

I confess that once I purchased a mailing list (we all have a blemish before) I remember the feeling that every one of my problems was over, I could see the multitude of messages in response to mine. It was that day that I understood the deep chasm of my expectations.

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