Sensor technologies

Sensor technologies


Pressure sensor technologies

The practical requirements regarding the transmitter and the level measuring device are extremely diverse and require first of all to choose the sensor technology properly as well as intelligent solutions from a structure point of view.

BD | SENSORS is one of the few companies in the world that manufactures, alone or with its own technical knowledge through partner companies, four of the most popular sensor technologies that are also used in modern pressure measurement technology. We are able to react flexibly to any pre-existing mounting position and the most varied application conditions, and we always make a customized product available.

Sensor technology: Push the limits with Kistler

The sensor is the essence of every Kistler tool. Based on the piezoelectric effect, it remains the foundation for Kistler’s leading measurement technologies and guarantees excellence and innovation for users in a wide range of industries. The continuous development of our sensors is the engine of reciprocal success.

The Sensor Technology Division develops and manufactures highly specialized sensors and systems for measurement tasks in extreme environments. It does not matter if we are talking about measuring thermoacoustic phenomena at high temperatures, calibrating dynamic high pressures or carrying out complex tests and measurements: with our wide range of accelerometers and pressure and force sensors, our clients will obtain reliable and precise data that will allow us to redefine limits of engineering.

In the Sensor Technology division, Kistler brings together the main steps of the process under one roof: development of sensors and electronics, design, prototyping, calibration and technological foundations. Our measurement technology experts develop high-performance sensors with exceptional performance to move our customers forward.

The future lies in sensor technology 4.0

Real-time diagnostics, easy network integration, and verifiable measurement results are increasingly present in pharmaceutical production. What requirements must smart sensors meet to facilitate next-generation process technologies?

  • Weighing Solutions for Industry 4.0 Applications

The pharmaceutical industry must comply with the strictest regulations and, at the same time, improve production efficiency due to continuous market pressure on prices. So the expectations around the automation of process technology are increasing. Measurement sensors are essential in production processes according to industry standard 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concept.

Revolution in the processes

Modern, smart sensors with network functions provide a wealth of additional information that helps improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of automated production processes. For example, a pH sensor with integrated diagnostic functions can be replaced just before it fails during an expensive reaction process. A metal detector continuously monitors certain critical parameters to reduce the frequency of checks and alerts users to potential problems.

Weighing Sensors – Troubleshooting

Weighing sensors are used to dose materials into reactors or to check the weight of the final product in applications with exceptionally tight tolerances. If there is any inaccuracy, an immediate alert is sent to the control system, in which you can proceed to solve problems to ensure product quality and process safety.

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