TikTok deleted 49 million videos

TikTok deleted 49 million videos from its platform for violating rules


Due to the moderation of the content, many videos that are shared on the popular social network were downloaded during the last semester of 2019.

This Thursday the social network TikTok released its second ” Transparency Report “, through which it reported the removal of millions of videos . It was during the last semester of last year when the videos were downloaded. The event occurred after the company determined that these audiovisual records did not meet its community standards or its terms of service.

However, the 49 million deleted videos represent only 1% of the total videos uploaded during that period , explains TikTok. It also reported that the content violations correspond to the exposure of “adult nudity and sexual activities.” In addition to “illegal behavior in minors”, such as drug use.

The platform maintains that the majority of the content that was removed in the last semester of 2019 was on its own initiative and only received about 1,300 copyright removal requests and 45 government removal requests, with India being the country that issued the most of those requests.

Among the countries most affected by the elimination of videos is India with 16 million videos deleted and the United States with 4.6 million videos.

Along these lines, it should be remembered that this new TikTok transparency report was published shortly after the United States Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, pointed out that the Donald Trump government was considering banning the application in that country.

Pompeo assured that this eventual measure would be motivated by doubts regarding the security of the application, however, recently Trump said that he would be considering that sanction as a kind of punishment for China for its handling of COVID-19.

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