Keeping your mailbox up-to-date can be an odyssey and deleting emails from Gmail is a risky sport in the face of the possibility of deleting what you shouldn’t. But of course, you never find important emails in your inbox, right? Something will have to be done.

Therefore, we will explain how to delete Gmail emails and also how to optimize your inbox so that you find those important emails the first time, regardless of whether you use the email from your computer, from your Android smartphone or from an iPhone. These Gmail tricks will improve your experience with Google mail, a really powerful tool that offers many possibilities if used correctly.

How to delete old emails

We start by explaining how to delete old emails because it is one of the problems that many email users face. Deleting emails from Gmail is easy , but when our tray is full it can take too long. The worst thing about having the tray like this is that it can make your Android go slow , for example .

Delete Gmail emails from your computer

To delete an email in Gmail from your computer, there are two equally effective ways to get rid of, for example, the loving memes your ex sent you.

From the inbox itself

You simply have to select the message you want to delete and look for the trash icon that will appear at the top.

From the mail

If you have opened an email and want to delete it, all you have to do is click on the same trash can icon that appears above, in the same place as if you did it in the inbox.

If you want to get rid of several emails at once , you will do it from the inbox, in the same way that you only deleted one. Only when selecting, you will have to mark all those that you want to disappear from your inbox.

Another way to delete old emails is to delete all of a category . For this you will have to have your messages separated by folders.

Let’s imagine for example that you use a Gmail to manage your work email . There is a client who has stopped working with you, and all the emails that you have exchanged with him or her are in your mailbox taking up space (which you may need to save other emails or take advantage of as Drive storage).

Well, if you have created a category in which all those emails are, for example, with the name of the client, you will only have to enter within that category and select them all in the box that appears at the top right.

Now you can delete them through the trash icon completely. And if within that category there is more than one page of messages, you will have to indicate the option “Select all conversations”.

Delete Gmail emails from Android

If you are a user of a mobile device, that is, a smartphone or tablet that uses this operating system, you can also delete Gmail emails from Android. You will only have to use the app that you can download on Google Play.

To delete a single email you also have the two options that we explained in the previous point. Either from the inbox itself pointing it out or from within the message.

When deleting several messages at the same time, you will have to do it by selecting them in the mailbox.

Please note that the Gmail mobile application for Android does not allow the deletion of messages that are in a category in bulk.

This app also allows you to point out your own deletion settings:

  • If you want a dialog box to appear before a message is deleted, explaining what you are doing.
  • If you prefer that some messages be archived or deleted by default.

Get rid of Gmail emails that don’t interest you from iOS

IPhone or iPad users can also delete messages in their mailbox that are not of interest to them. The Gmail iOS application, very similar to that of Android, allows the deletion of messages one by one, in the same way that we explained in the previous sections.

As in the Android application, in Gmail for iOS you have to use the mailbox option if you want to delete several messages at once . And you will not be able to delete an entire category either.

The Gmail Trash

Keep in mind that all the emails you have deleted are stored in the trash of your Gmail account. They are kept there for 30 days, and at that time they disappear permanently.

If what you want is to delete Gmail emails to gain space in your account or for some other reason, you can prevent them from staying there. You will only have to enter the trash can, point to the ones you want to get rid of and click on the option “permanently delete” that appears above.

Recover Gmail emails

The reason your deleted messages stay in your Gmail account for a month is because you may be wrong to get rid of them and want to get them back.

If you want to see a message that you have in the trash, you will only have to enter it and click on the one you want to read. Even the Gmail search engine (the text bar with a magnifying glass that you find at the top) will give you the in: trash option if you want to search among the messages that are in the trash.

Remember that if they are important messages and you leave them there, 30 days after their removal they will disappear permanently.

If you want to keep one, all you have to do is return it to your mailbox as follows:

With Gmail open in your browser

With Gmail open in your browser , go to the trash and click on the box next to the message. Then all you have to do is choose the “move to” option above your messages (a folder with an arrow pointing to the right) and choose where you want the message to be stored.

With Gmail on your Android device

On your smartphone or tablet, both Android and iOS, open the app and go to the trash. Select the message and click on the three dots you see at the top right. There you will find the option “move to”.

In the worst case, if you give up on something, don’t worry. There are still some tricks to recover deleted files that very possibly will give you good results.

As you can see, keeping your inbox clean is not difficult , whether you are a user of Gmail or another email service . Experts recommend deleting emails from Gmail and other tools on a regular basis in order to work more comfortably and because the order also hides a security trick: if you know what is in your email, it will be easier for you to detect suspicious senders, fake messages or unreliable and even the activity of a malicious app .

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