Minecraft adds tribute to Technoblade

Minecraft adds tribute to Technoblade after streamer’s death


Minectaft has received an update with a tribute to popular streamer Technoblade, whose family announced his death from cancer last week. In the initial image of Minecraft the game launcher now shows a pig with a golden crown, the symbol of the Minecraft character with Technoblade, an actual pigman wearing a jeweled crown.

On Friday, the Minecraft team tweeted that the team was “heartbroken at the loss of Technoblade,” writing that it “brought so much joy” to the gaming community.

Technoblade was an extremely popular Minecraft streamer with over 13 million YouTube subscribers and was part of the successful Dream SMP server. In the video on Youtube , posted last Thursday, Technoblade’s father read a message from the streamer and discussed the work he put into making this latest video while battling cancer. As of this writing, he has over 54 million views.

Other Minecraft streamers and members honor Tecnoblade. Since then, countless fanarts have also been posted on Twitter to commemorate him.

Team Minecraft didn’t directly acknowledge the splash screen update, but it clearly introduced this small change to the tribute. The original version of the launcher image still features the pig in the same position, but is missing the trademark Technoblade crown.

Minecraft was recently updated to feature a new tribute to popular YouTube creator and streamer Technoblade, who recently passed away.

The game’s tribute to the creator adds a new crowned pig to the game’s home screen, which was also the icon for the creator’s YouTube channel.

The game’s original splash screen also featured the pig in that location, but previously it had no crown. While Minecraft has yet to directly acknowledge the new splash screen change, the game tweeted via its official handle lamenting the loss of the popular creator recently.

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