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HiddenAds, a new malware that hides in the Play Store


They have discovered another malware in the Google store that does everything possible so that we do not notice its presence.
Unfortunately there is no week in which we do not talk about some malware that affects Android mobiles. And what is worse, among which the Google Play Store is almost always indirectly involved. That is what McAfee has now discovered , which has found a new malware in the Mountain View store that could have already affected no less than a million Android mobile users. One of the most worrying aspects of this malware is that it can be hidden, and therefore go unnoticed.

This is how Hidden Ads works

This malware had been found in several apps, which once installed run the malicious software without the phone owner being aware of it. In addition to this, the application transforms its icon to look like a system app, there are even cases in which it has simulated the appearance of the Play Store, as if it were a direct access to its settings, in such a way that for many users unfamiliar with these aspects may think that it is a legitimate service.

Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the aspects that reveal that we are dealing with an app that seeks other targets on our phone is that they have a lot of advertising, which appears whenever the fraudulent apps are run. In fact, we see pop-ups on the system asking us to clean the app installation files to recover free space on the phone. If we click on the button that they ask us for, the most normal thing is that we end up installing the malware on the phone or interacting with it, even if we don’t realize it.

One way to reach the victims has been through the Facebook pages , where the apps have been advertised as legitimate by attaching a link to the Play Store, where the applications are ready to download. It is a malware that is spreading at great speed all over the planet, since the victim only needs to press to install the application, so that the malware starts running without us noticing anything. The applications that have been detected with this malware are 14, which are far from few. These are the following:

  • Junk Cleaner cn.junk.clean.plp
  • EasyCleaner com.easy.clean.ipz
  • Power Doctor
  • Super Clean com.super.clean.zaz
  • Full Clean -Clean Cache org.stemp.fll.clean
  • Fingertip Cleaner com.fingertip.clean.cvb
  • Quick Cleaner org.qck.cle.oyo
  • Keep Clean org.clean.sys.lunch
  • Windy Clean
  • Carpet Clean og.crp.cln.zda
  • Cool Clean
  • Strong Clean in.memory.sys.clean
  • Meteor Clean org.ssl.wind.clean

As we tell you so many times, you may have downloaded these apps without realizing it, and even if they have been deleted from the Play Store, they will remain on the phone if we have installed them. So it’s time to check the list and delete if so. Once again it is a malware that sneaks into Google Play, something that is really worrying, because it happens much more than it should, and forces us to be with a thousand eyes even with apps from the store.

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