Xiaomi smartphones are so cheap and popular that a country wants to ban them

Xiaomi smartphones are so cheap and popular that a country wants to ban them


One of the technological brands that has managed to make a place for itself in the industry is Xiaomi , a Chinese manufacturer that has stood out for having a smartphone under the motto quality-price , but some of its popular models are very cheap and this has not seemed good to it. to a neighboring country.

According to a Bloomberg report , India seeks to restrict this manufacturer for selling its cheapest devices for $150, something like $3,000 pesos. What the country is looking for is to promote its local mobile industry such as Lava and MicroMax .

The Indian market was invaded by Chinese brands, especially Xiaomi and Realme devices , displacing local manufacturers, something that has not seemed good to that country.

Counterpoint data indicates that the market for smartphones in India with a cost of less than 12,000 rupees ($150), represents a third of the sales volume in India until June 2022, while Chinese companies have 80% of shipments.

It is for this reason that the government of this country seeks to exclude them from the entry market, however, it is still not clear if the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi can approve any measure and if he does, it could affect the company.

The cited medium clarifies that in the event that the blocking measure is applied, Xiaomi shipments would have a drop of between 11 and 14%, around between 20 and 25 million units, in addition to a sales cut of 4 to 5 %.

It could be a blow to Xiaomi, since for India the international market is very important, let’s just hope they don’t take a drastic measure and reach an agreement with the Chinese company.

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