He gyroscopeIt is an electronic component that allows to measure the angle of rotation of a device in all its axes. This motion sensor helps the accelerometer to keep the orientation of your smartphone. It is included in most high-end mobiles.

However, it is not an essential element for mobiles. You can continue doing a multitude of things without it, for example, navigating with the GPS or taking a panoramic photo. To find out if our smartphone has a gyroscope, just look at the data sheet of the device itself or install the “Sensor Box” application.

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If the mobile does not have it, it cannot be installed, since it is a component of the smartphone’s hardware and not an application that you can download or get on any website. This often happens on mid-range and low-end smartphones such as the Samsung J5, Samsung J7 or Huawei P8 Lite.

Gyroscope main functions

The use of this element is very common in games where by tilting the smartphone you control the action, such as the famous “Temple Run” application. However, the term gyroscope went viral with the release of the game “Pokemon Go”, as those who didn’t have it couldn’t use AR (augmented reality) mode.

Effects and filters

Applications like “Snapchat” or “Instagram” need a gyroscope to be able to apply filters and effects in certain places when taking photos or even videos. Thanks to it, the selected virtual objects can be placed anywhere.

360 °

To create and view both 360-degree images and videos, the gyroscope is a must. For example, the “Google Street View” application allows you to move through the streets of any city just by pointing the device where you want.

Augmented reality

It is based on the projection of a false image on a real scene. One of the best known applications we have already mentioned, “Pokemon Go”, but there are also others like “Star Walk”, which allows you to explore planets, satellites and stars just by pointing your device at the sky; or “Augment 3D”, which offers a large catalog of 3D objects that can be mounted anywhere in real life.

Virtual reality

The gyroscope makes you enjoy your smartphone to the fullest, just like our Mobile rates with Internet and without permanence! Call us toll free at 900 696 981.

Smartphones, with the help of specialized glasses, can build a parallel reality in which the gyroscope plays a vital role. In this case we will be able to appreciate the authentic value of this element, since through virtual reality it is possible to recreate a totally invented world in which we can move around thanks to the help of the gyroscope.

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