Best 5 web pages to know who is calling you


These websites will allow you to discover for free and in a few steps who is calling you.
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Do you often receive phone calls from unknown numbers constantly? If it is a pattern that is repeated daily and you are tired of not knowing who is the person behind those calls , do not despair! There are various websites that allow you to find out this information in a simple, fast and obviously free way.

You will not need to download applications on your terminal , or browse computer security forums, since the Internet offers different types of tools so that you can know who is calling you. In summary, the only thing you should have is the phone number that makes those calls , with that information you will be able to find out which person or company is behind this matter.

The best websites to find out who is calling you

Before we show you the different websites that you can access for free , it is important to mention that most of them only work if you live in Spain. In the same way, we have put an alternative so that you can know whose phone number it is if you live in another country (Argentina, Chile, Mexico, United States, etc.).

Answer the No

With a huge database under its belt, this website works for various countries (including those in Europe and America). Within the platform in question, you will be able to discover if the calls you receive are of the spam type , if they were made by an ordinary telephone line, or if that number is associated with a specific company.

You will not need to take a course to be able to use the Responder o No website, and all you have to do is put the phone number that called you in the search box . In seconds, the platform will tell you who that phone number corresponds to.

Who calls me?

If you are looking for a website dedicated exclusively to calls received within Europe , then you should take a look at this tool. It is a very interesting platform, but simple at the same time, which is usually used by the majority of people who live in Spain.

Using it is extremely simple, all you have to do is write the phone number that called you , and then click on the option that says “Find phone” . If that number was reported for scam or spam, you will be able to access a record that indicates where it came from, and what person or company is behind that type of call.


With a very similar operation to the rest of the websites that we have mentioned above, Teledigo stands out above the others for including a forum and a blog inside . These sections allow users to report when a phone number is constantly making calls.

Likewise, it has an excellent tutorial that explains how to block spam calls on Android and iPhone . It is worth mentioning that to search for a particular phone number, you have to use the search engine that appears in the upper right corner of the website (it is very easy to use).

spam phone

Through the tools that this website has, you will have the opportunity to reveal the identities of those phone numbers that do not stop bothering you . It is important to clarify that this web page is aimed at Spanish telephone numbers , so it will only work for you if you reside in Spain, or if the number that has called you comes from that country.

As if all this were not enough, you will also have the possibility of knowing the latest numbers reported by users, a list that is displayed on the home page of the respective website.


Tellows has one of the largest databases when it comes to phone numbers.
Last but not least, comes Tellows, a website that will allow you to locate who is calling you in a simple, fast and free way . Using the search engine that appears on the main page, as well as the app available for Android and iOS, you will be able to find out the identity of any phone number. Likewise, you can report that number so that other people add extra information .

It should be noted that Tellows has a huge database , as telephone numbers from more than 20 countries are registered on this website (including Spain and several countries in Europe and America).

Without anything more to add in this regard, if using these websites you have been able to find out who is calling you, from here we advise you to use Google to find that person on the Internet (you will be able to access more precise data about who they are and why they are calling you constant).

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