4 reasons to bet on an electric car


Electric vehicles are increasingly in demand in the industry. Easier and cheaper maintenance, or being able to recharge it at home, are some of its advantages.

Every year, electric cars are having a greater place in the automotive industry. And this is not by chance, since electric mobility has a series of substantial differences compared to conventional internal combustion models.

According to the latest data from the Electromobility Barometer of the Spanish employers’ association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers , in 2022 the penetration indicator of the electrified vehicle in our country has achieved 23.2 points, which represents a growth of 3.6 points compared to the last year. However, although our country has grown in the global indicator compared to the previous year, we have not yet managed to close the gap with respect to the countries that lead the classification, such as Germany, Norway or the Netherlands, but everything will be yet to come.

Without a doubt, it has become an eco-sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, and this, added to the improvement in battery technology or profitability, makes the user consider the possibility of purchasing an electric vehicle in 2023 .

What are its main advantages?

Fewer breakdowns and higher efficiency: Electric motors are by definition simpler, more efficient and more durable than internal combustion engines, and at the same time, their drive systems are much simpler with fewer moving parts. All this results in a lower probability of suffering breakdowns, in addition to a potentially low maintenance cost for the vehicle owner.
0 emissions label: an advantage for accessing urban centers and parking easily and for free. In accordance with article 14.3 of Law 7/2021, of May 20, on climate change and energy transition, all cities with a population of more than 50,000 people must incorporate low-emission zones in population centers. Electric vehicles will be able to circulate in these types of areas. In addition, in the so-called Blue Zone or ORA, electric vehicles with the 0 emission label are exempted from any payment in the main Spanish cities.
Enjoy the drive: Electric cars have a dynamic quality to internal combustion engine alternatives. While a heat engine must increase revolutions progressively, an electric motor has all the available torque as soon as you step on the accelerator. In addition, it does not emit any type of vibration like conventional motors, and driving is done in complete silence.
Recharging at home at a low price: charging the vehicle through the installation of our private garage can cost between a third and a half of filling the tank of a car with gasoline, especially if we contract a rate that allows us to do it at night, taking advantage of the lower price of electricity during the so-called “off-peak hours”. In addition, to install a charger at home it is not necessary to request any type of permit, and it is subsidized by up to 70%, thanks to the MOVES plan, promoted by the Government of Spain.
Efficient charges with WOLTIO
Electric car chargers and plug-in hybridsSome manufacturers are making significant investments to achieve much more efficient, sustainable and ecological charging alternatives. And this is the case of WOLTIO , the leading brand of electric car chargers and plug-in hybrids , designed and manufactured by Versa Design , 100% made in Spain.

WOLTIO chargers can be ordered with all the electrical protections required by current regulations pre-installed from the factory within the equipment itself, being able to connect the charging point directly to the electricity meter. In this way, there is no need for an additional panel of protections, which, in addition to making the installation more expensive, makes the final finish much less aesthetic. Another of its main innovations is the 100% electronic automatic reset, without moving parts. The WOLTIO charger is capable of disconnecting and connecting to the electrical network automatically, without the need for manual intervention. Additionally, it is compatible with all makes and models of electric vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience for all users.

In this way, AC chargers such as those from WOLTIO are one of the best options today, since they offer multiple advantages. As Diego Castillo, General Director of WOLTIO, points out : “When it comes to installing an AC charger, homes already have the electrical infrastructure; It does not require additional investment, since it is designed so that it is not necessary to increase the contracted power. AC chargers take care of the health and useful life of the car battery, unlike the continuous electricity superchargers that we find on roads and highways. In addition, since it recharges more slowly or can be programmed at night, it will be the most efficient and economical option”.

A more sustainable and ecological future is possible, how does WOLTIO contribute to the electric future?
“Not having to go to the gas station again or having the facility to charge the electric car on a daily basis, without making a large investment, are some of its advantages. At WOLTIO we offer chargers of the highest quality, highly advanced in terms of intelligence and configurability. We have an absolute commitment to the environment: the packaging of our chargers is made from 100% recycled cardboard, in addition to the fact that all manufacturing is carried out with renewable electricity, thanks to the photovoltaic panels with which our two factories in Valencia and Barcelona are equipped. , proof of our commitment to sustainability. Undoubtedly, our chargers are made for those people who also want to do their bit for a more sustainable future”, says Diego.

What makes WOLTIO plug-in hybrid and electric car chargers different from other proposals on the market?
“It is a sustainable charger, made with renewable energy, with 100% recyclable packaging, and 100% manufactured and designed in Spain, which generates local employment. Plus, our charger is designed to be the first and last charger you install in your home. It is the only charger on the market that has a metal case and with a useful life of tens of years, whose intelligence and configurability we continuously expand through free updates, all designed to make it a long-lasting product”.

What types of plug-in hybrid and electric car chargers does WOLTIO offer?

“We have 3 models of alternating current chargers: one triphasic, aimed at companies, and two single-phase models, designed for individuals,” says the General Director.

“The three-phase model is ideal, for example, for restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, or in general for factories or work centers that want to offer chargers for their employees or customers. This charger is capable of charging at a rate of 22 kWh. The two single-phase models are the common chargers that are installed in homes. They differ in that one of them, the PRO model, has the electrical protections included in the charger, pre-installed and tested from the factory. One or the other is used, depending on the installation to be carried out in the home, whether in a single-family home or in a block of flats with a garage”.

“All our models allow dynamic power control, which allows the car to be charged only with the part of the contracted power that is not being consumed at home. This avoids having to increase the fixed term of the electricity contract, so that recharging the car does not entail additional costs. And in case of having a roof with photovoltaic panels, we can also configure the charger to take advantage of production surpluses, so that we can charge the car with 100% renewable and free energy”, says Diego.

The management of the chargers is through an app, how does it work? What advantages does it offer the user?
“First of all, our charger has a color screen where you can see the informative data of the load, the speed, or the settings in real time. Additionally, it is possible to connect to the charger via Bluetooth, through an application available for both Android and iOS, which allows you to configure all the charger parameters, such as activating a charging schedule, setting the time, or changing the icon that is displayed. shows on the screen. In addition, you can download consumption reports, which are very useful for controlling the cost of the car, without mixing it with the consumption of the rest of the home”.

On the other hand, all the updates that we make to the software can be downloaded with the mobile and can be sent to the charger, even in garages without coverage”, they affirm from WOLTIO.

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