Sanchez responds to Garzon: Wherever they put a steak on the spot, that’s unbeatable


Sanchez is a shrewd observer and does not support Garzon’s campaign or the data that Garzon uses to attack meat consumption.

Pedro SanchezHe has also spoken out against the war on meat his government partner.Alberto Garzonfought. This Thursday, the President of the Executive responded to the Minister for Consumption with a short statement: “I will speak in very personal terms about the controversy.To me, it is the only place where they have a steak to a point…that is unbeatable.”Sanchez makes these statements and refuses to support Garzon’s campaign.

They have even put their own stamp on La Sexta.Sanchez’s statements to the IU leader have been somewhat disconcerting.

This phrase was uttered by Sanchez during a press conference inLithuania in the context of his Baltic tourWhen asked about the differences between Minister Garzon’s support for reducing meat consumption and Luis Planas, the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas said that this recommendation was “as wrong as sugar kills.”

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Flat: “Absolutely not of place”

For Luis Planas it it is unfair and out of place He points out the meat sector as part of Spain’s wealth. He said that today, “The livestock sector is under severe criticism. They deserve respect for their honest work for our food and for our economy.”

Planas stated that he didn’t know that the campaign would be launched and has defended the position that politicians shouldn’t create problems, but rather provide security for all citizens by telling truthful information.Sorry to be of any use in this manner.He said.

Emiliano Garcia-Page, president of Castilla La Mancha, is another member of the PSOE that has also criticised Garzon’s idea.Many fools live in MadridThese are the words”The political class do not understand what is going on in the country,” stated the regional president.

“I want businessmen who are looking to make money.We already have a minister inventing his position each day”You should not eat meat with the implications for thousands of jobs within the meat sector in this area,” the head of the regional Executive stated during the presentation in Toledo, Torrijos of a new fleet of ambulances from the San Roman Group of Companies.

“And tomorrow, they will go with wine, and last with cheese; I don’t know their future as dietitians, but if there is nothing else, they are not creating politics to cause problems for people,” Garcia-Page said, referring to Garzon.

Rufian accuses Sanchez “selling” the minister

The Esquerra Republicana (ERC), in Congress, is the parliamentary spokesperson.Gabriel Rufian Sanchez was accused of “selling out Garzon” by his right-wing counterparts, who have mounted “a campaign against him.”

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