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New Meta feature lets users switch between Facebook and Instagram profiles


Meta recently announced in a blog post that they are adding new features that will make it easier for Facebook and Instagram users to access and navigate between multiple accounts and profiles. Starting with profile switching, it looks like people will be able to quickly switch between their Instagram and Facebook account profiles if they add them to the same Account Center. Users will be able to view their Instagram and Facebook profiles in one place.

You can also manage which profiles appear in the profile switch panel and control which accounts will be able to sign in with each other. The aforementioned features will soon be available on Android, iOS, and the web.

In addition to being able to switch between profiles, Meta has redesigned the login and registration page for both platforms. Users will also be able to create an Instagram or Facebook account and use it to sign up for the other platform.

Users will be notified when a new account is created using the existing account or when a new account is added to the Account Center.

Those with both Instagram and Facebook accounts will soon be able to use login information from one app to log into the other. The only requirement is that both accounts are linked to the same Account Center. But if you have two-factor authentication on your Facebook account, you will not be able to log in to the account using Instagram login information. These features will soon be available on iOS and Android.

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