Apps That Complement Dropbox

Apps That Complement Dropbox


Dropbox is one of the most popular online file hosting services globally, with more than 400 million users. According to some curious statistics about this platform, Dropbox customers sync more than 1.2 billion documents every day, create more than 2,000 new folders every hour and edit 4,000 documents every second. But, even though Dropbox is already an efficient service that works very well, it is possible to make it even more useful thanks to a series of applications that complement it. This article recommends some of them for varied tastes and needs.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a file hosting platform where users can save copies of their files and share documents with people worldwide. It is one of those so-called “cloud” services because they keep the information that your customer has uploaded to their Dropbox account always available, without depending on a device. So if you upload a document from your home computer, you can then access that document by logging in to Dropbox from work. You can also share specific folders or files to be accessible to other people or even configure Dropbox to make a backup copy of the mobile photos.

Dropbox is available for multiple platforms. It can be used directly on your website, but it also has Windows and Mac clients and phone apps. The primary account offers 2 GB of free hosting space. Still, it is possible to increase it with small actions, such as recommending the service to family and friends, completing the startup tutorial, or signing up for a payment plan.

Applications that complement Dropbox

Dropbox is efficient in itself, but thanks to the company’s opportunities for software developers to help grow the platform, many applications have emerged over the years that enhance and complement its functions. In some cases, they even add new features that the original service did not offer.
These are some of the Dropbox companion apps found on the Internet. But there are many more!


Ideal for owners of a Kindle ebook reader, this utility allows you to easily send ebooks to the reader by copying them to a specific Dropbox folder. It works with the most popular ebook formats and will enable you to share copies with friends.


Anyone can share a file with us, leaving it in our Dropbox account with this tool. It is possible to establish different sending pages for groups (clients, classmates, friends, family.), and the service offers a security guarantee: encrypted connections, password protection, etc.


It’s a quick and easy way to save all email attachments to Dropbox. Once configured, this utility automatically forwards attachments to a specific folder in your Dropbox account.


With this extension for the Chrome browser it is possible to edit documents directly in Dropbox, which is very practical because you have the latest version of them available on all your devices. In addition, its minimalist interface allows you to write without losing concentration.

Droplet URL

Often one finds an interesting article on the Internet, but at that moment, one does not have time to read it. This tool allows you to send the address (URL) of those articles to Dropbox to have them on hand for when you have time to enjoy them.

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