2022 Technological Aids for Remote Learning


Remote learning is not new, but the pandemic saw a considerable rise in its use and spurred on its popularity. There is now an array of apps and platforms designed to help both students and teachers in productivity and efficiency, which have increased sharply. Whether you need something to help you focus during lessons or help your students work better, technological aids have got your back.

For Teachers

This tool allows teachers to improve the learning and teaching experience by embedding and recording voice notes into documents, slides, and other materials. These notes can be downloaded, transcribed, and translated into other languages for students. Notes can be feedback on completed work or simply an audio recording of the written materials. Students are also able to record notes on documents as well. This is a perfect tool for all teachers and is proven to increase efficacy, productivity, and accessibility.


The world of VR in education has officially arrived. CoSpaces EDU allows students to build 3D scenarios, code them for animation and explore them in virtual and augmented reality. There are different levels of difficulty for you to choose from depending on your classes. Unlike other VR offerings, this doesn’t need a headset. All you need is a computer and motivated, imaginative students, and you’re off! 

Wizer Me

Wizer Me turns your humble worksheet into interactive activities that can be sent at a click of a button. You can add all forms of media and different style questions to produce a “worksheet” for students to complete. And when they’re done, Wizer Me will grade the work for you so you can sit back and create your next engaging, interactive activity!


Happy students are productive students, and Headspace helps teachers make students’ mental and emotional health a priority. The app provides a collection of meditation and mindfulness exercises that Students can use at any point in the school day to help reduce anxiety, increase calm and get your students in the right headspace. 

For Students


We all have those days when we just can’t get ourselves motivated. This is especially true if studying remotely, as we don’t even need to set our foot out of the front door. Unstuck provides you with the tools and motivators to get you out of the funk and back in the groove. Simply identify your state of mind, and you will be given a clear set of instructions on how to change it. Think of unstuck as your helpful study coach.


This is a great app for English language learners and can be a great companion to any conversation classes you may be taking. The app will suggest new words and phrases daily and help you practice using them through games and flashcards. 


This app is essentially a pocket Professor. If you have a question on a specific topic and need an answer urgently, you can pose a question to the community of online experts on Brainly. This platform is full of college professors and PhD holders in various fields who are on call to answer your questions.


One major downside of remote learning is the vast array of distractions. How often have we started with the best intentions only to find ourselves on a social media platform, YouTube or game 30 minutes into a study session? The Self-Control app takes those choices away from you. It allows you to block sites and apps that you would usually get distracted by for a fixed time, enabling you to stay focused and on track.

Open Culture

Open Culture gives you access to thousands of documents, articles, and papers that can be used for research when doing essays, projects, and papers. Not only do they provide materials in written form, but you can also download and listen to podcasts, full classes, and free audiobooks. 

Whether You Love it or Hate It…

Remote learning in one form or another is here to stay, and luckily for us, there are some amazing tools to keep us on track, engaged, and learning.

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